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We were founded in 2017 and based in the beautiful city of Berne, capital of Switzerland.

licit LLC is composed by three different but complementary partners that are working for social change, especially for pragmatic drug policies. We stand for integration rather than exclusion, for drug regulation rather than repressive prohibition, for consumption competence rather than abstinence. Our decade-long experience in practice and theory constitutes the mold of our work philosophy.

Based on the firm belief that livable environments can only be created jointly and that the human being forms the inevitable and compelling center of every social context, we work together with affected people, with professionals from NGO’s and the sectors of health, justice and law enforcement and with the private sector and governments and administrations alike.

If you are looking for competent and reliable support for your projects or wish to get in touch with us for some other reason, your message is very welcome.

licit LLC
papiermühlestrasse 40h
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licit LLC is your partner for project development and project management in the social and health sector. Our commitment encourages innovative and sustainable services in the spheres of harm reduction, early intervention, prevention, peer work, social enterprising and organizational consulting. We are interested as much in strategy and politics as we are in implementation and practice. These core competences are completed by education and training, conference design and event management.


Julia Joos

Jakob Huber

Senior Partner

Management of nonprofit organizations
Drug policies and drug work – integral harm reduction approach
Strategic and organizational development, group dynamics
Projects – development, management, implementation
Policy consultation and networking
Local, national and international


Julia Joos

Iwan Reinhard


Studies in Political Sciences and National Economy
MBA Sustainability Management (degree 2017)
Projects – development, management, implementation
Management of nonprofit organizations
Addiction Prevention
(Education for) Sustainable Development
Local and national


Julia Joos

Julia Joos


Social Anthropologist MA
Educational member of staff, contact center for drug users
International Harm Reduction
Projects – development and implementation
Networking and professional exchange
Local, national and international


Organisation partners

aebi-hus Schweizerische Stiftung für Suchthilfe, Evilard  -   AIDS Foundation East-West AFEW, Amsterdam  -   Alliance for Public Health APH, Ukraine  -   Alliance Nationale Contre le Sida ANCS, Senegal  -   CONTACT, Stiftung für Suchthilfe, Bern  -   Ideenbü, Biel/Bienne  -   sürprisen gmbh, Bern  -   The Global Fund